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Entries for May 2008


Ou trip was made better by the stay at the loft

My wife and I were very pleased with our accommodations and the quiet atmosphere of THE LOFT . We come to Corpus Christi every May to celebrate our anniversary. Usually we stay at one of the Ocean Drive Hotels. This year marks 38 years and we celebrated it at THE LOFT. Quite frankly my wife was skeptical when she learned I had booked THE LOFT. But after opening the door and seeing the accommodations she was won over. Our stay was great and it allowed us to relax and unwind. More important, we did not have to deal with the crush of other guests that comes with hotel vacations. Leaving on Saturday morning was de ja vu as we knew we had to return to Waco, but did not want to... mostly because we were relaxed and felt attached to the lofty quarters.

Please know our trip was made better by the stay at THE LOFT. We will try to be back next year... maybe we can capture the cottage then.

~Ken & Yolanda

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